Best payday loans 2016

How can we find out which of the payday loans will be best for us, which will be on the best terms? Or maybe there is one that has a repayment period extended to 60 days, or maybe one company offers a loan for free and not just for new customers. We can obtain all this and some other information using loan rankings. It is worth using them before you choose this one and only payday loan. Here are some of the most interesting suggestions

Net Credit

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The company offers 3,000 for 0 zlotys. At the moment, this company is offering a high amount of free loan, completely free, with no hidden fees. The repayment period is 30 days, but it is possible to extend the repayment period, however, this is associated with additional fees. For regular customers, Net Credit provides a loan of up to USD 5,000. The company has been taking top places in the rankings for some time.

More known as the Second Portfolio, it has been on the market for 5 years. An additional attraction that attracts customers can be quite numerous competitions with interesting prizes. Currently you can win cleaning equipment or a voucher for a trip. An interesting loyalty program is provided for regular customers.

Red Credit

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Another company that tops the rankings for the best payday loan. The first free loan is already slightly lower and amounts to just USD 1,000. This is a great solution for temporary problems with financial liquidity. We do not incur any additional costs with such a loan. Provided that we meet our commitment on time. Regular customers also have nothing to complain about.

For them, the company also provides interesting and one of the best solutions. Red Credit provides a loan of up to USD 5,000 for returning customers. Noteworthy are the reviews of extremely satisfied customers. Often, such opinions are more important, more reliable than any rankings there.


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Still invariably leads the rankings of payday loans online and without certificates. This condition has been going on for several years. What’s interesting on offer? Certainly the third largest free online loan amount of USD 3,000. Of course, this is a free loan for new customers.

Of course, subsequent loans are granted on almost the same attractive terms as research shows, Vivore offers the most favorable terms to its regular customers.

Such a proven, reliable customer will receive a loan of up to USD 7,500. And all this without unnecessary formalities and only in a few minutes on the account. This means that borrowers have long-term relationships with Vivore, not just a free loan.

The solution to meet customer needs was to launch points where you can take out a loan, also Vivore offers not only loans online, but also at the RUCH kiosk or loan mats (this is a novelty in several Polish cities).

Farrah Bank

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His also can not be missing in the payday rankings. This is a combination of a USD 0 loan with a longer repayment period. As befits a decent payday – a minimum of formalities, a transfer to an account in a few minutes, a slightly extended repayment period. This company works not only on the Polish market. It is known all over Europe. However, this is the first company to win the mobile loan market.

Farrah Bank offers a loan of USD 5,000 for the first time. Repayments can be made in two equal installments at monthly intervals. So we have up to two months to repay the whole. In addition to payday loans, the company also offers installment loans of up to USD 5,000 with a repayment period of 24 months.

Denna Credit

It came to our market for good a few years ago. She started her online loan career with Vivore. It can be said that both of these companies were paving the way for Polish online loans. Denna Credita does not offer its clients, whether new or permanent loans for USD 0. Despite the fact that almost every loan company proposes such a product to new customers in order to attract them. And yet, the attractiveness of its offer is not falling.

It has an extended repayment period of up to 60 days and the fee for the first loan is symbolic and amounts to USD 10, regardless of the loan amount. A longer repayment period is a very good solution for those who have not very regular or insufficient income and would not like to overburden their household budget.

Recently, Denna Credita has introduced into its offer an installment loan, which can be as much as USD 20,000, and installments can be spread over 60 months.

Denna Credita cooperates with BIK, for some it is a disadvantage and for others an advantage. It depends on what financial condition we are in. It also offers its clients participation in the Benefits Program, thanks to which we can take further loans on even more attractive terms.