Why you won’t find the McPlant in McDonald’s locations in the United States anymore


Restaurant Dive further cites a study by BTIG analyst Peter Saleh, who said that in the San Francisco area, McDonald’s moves a mere 125-300 specialty sandwiches per week, while in the Dallas Fort Worth market , Saleh noted that the McPlant was moving 30% below projections. As a result, Saleh wrote: “[McDonald’s] the assessment was that they did not see enough evidence to support a nationwide rollout in the near future and that declining sales volumes were slowing service times as the product was made-to-order,” according to MarketWatch.

Restaurant Dive says the testing period for the McPlant ended earlier this week, and while it still appears as an offer on McDonald’s website, various reports indicate the McPlant is no longer being served in the States. -United. In a report cited by MarketWatch, JP Morgan analysts say they visited 25 different restaurants in different locations and reported the news that the sandwich was nowhere to be found. They wrote: “We…don’t know for sure that McPlant is discontinued entirely – it may still be available in some locations. And it’s possible, of course, that McDonald’s may only temporarily remove it from US menus. But it is clear that this news is not good for the narrative.”


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