Unsecured loans or unsecured loans are monetary credit operations in the short or medium term, in which the debtor user is obliged to return the amount loaned by the bank or private company, in a determined period of time. This amount always carries some interest. This type of credits are used to cover small or unexpected incidental expenses.



To begin, we will say that the is the Bank unsecured loans . The bank of the offers its members unsecured loans that involve a maximum of four years for their return. This type of procedures can be managed entirely online through its website. But how do we find the unsecured loans ?

To begin, we must start the browser and enter the page ( www. Iees.com unsecured loans ). In the affiliation section, several options will appear. We go to unsecured loans and follow the steps indicated.

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This bank has been in operation for 4 years and has already granted four million credit operations, reaching monetary figures such as five billion.



Unsecured loans , like other types of loans, require requirements that all users must comply with. Some of the most important are:

  • Possess reserve funds in the
  • Be an active member
  • Have a bank account registered and authorized by the
  • Not be in possession of a mortgage loan process
  • Not having unsecured loans in process
  • Have at least 36 contributions in the and the last 12 consecutive



The Ecuadorian Institute of Social Security unsecured loans , has many advantages that make its members choose this type of loan:

  • The fees to pay are very comfortable and the interest with respect to other banks is much lower.
  • The ease and speed of processing and payment (online).
  • A unsecured loan of up to 80 unified basic salaries of the user may be requested.