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Tom’s “Brady Program”

May 19, 2022

NFL schedule makers saved?

You know who may have been as happy as Bucs fans when they learned that Tom Brady was returning as Bucs quarterback in March? Costumes in New York, that’s who.

Appearing on the Peter King podcast, two guys who build the NFL schedule, Howard Katz and Mike North (no, not that Mike North), confessed to breathing a big sigh of relief when they learned Brady would return to the Bucks.

North explained that with Jeff Bezos’ Amazon now in the mix, dropping crazy money to broadcast the NFL on Thursday nights, the NFL had Amazon, CBS, NBC, FOX and BSPN screaming for top games. With Brady’s return, that added a few beans to the pot to help feed so many mouths, North detailed.

“That was great news for us,” Katz said. “Honestly, Tampa Bay has a great schedule. There were just a lot of great Tampa Bay games that, along with Tom Brady, are all really special. Without Tom Brady, maybe not so special. … It was a lot of work, but we got to a better place.

North said Russell Wilson going to Denver was also a tireless Brady moment for them. Wilson was on a lousy team in Seattle, and his move to Denver made the Broncos an overnight powerhouse and created more premiere plays to distribute to the networks.

King called it the “Brady Program”.

“Megagames with Brady,” King said of the Bucs’ schedule. “[Bucs games] it would still have been interesting without Brady, but it wouldn’t have been mega-games.

Now that everyone seems happy with the schedule, it’s time for Todd Bowles to figure out how to win those games. Like 10 or more, please.

Please can someone pull Rob Gronkowski off the beach?


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