Tom Brady Raises More Questions in Response to ‘Masked Singer’ Rumor


Tom Brady returned to Buccaneers training camp after an 11-day hiatus. The quarterback has denied the rumor that he took time off to record ‘The Masked Singer’ TV show, but The Rush has his doubts. Plus, restaurant chain Hooters is showing offensive linemen some love with NIL offerings.

Video transcript


Back, back, ball. So.

JARED WHARF: Well, look here. Guess who’s back at training camp? Tom Brady is back at work Monday after his 11-day break from training camp with the Bucs.

Where was he?

JARED WHARF: Shit if I know. With no official word on Brady’s whereabouts, the dude is sneakier than Carmen Sandiego.

THEME SONG: Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego.

JARED WHARF: I think this Brady mystery calls for a Rockapella reunion. If anyone can figure it out, it’s these cats. Either way, apparently it’s really a mystery to those outside the Bucs organization, as head coach Todd Bowles says Brady’s absence was arranged at the advance. All of this secrecy has led to a bunch of theories, the most interesting being that Brady quit his day job to record “The Masked Singer” TV show.

To smoke.

JARED WHARF: On the one hand, seems totally absurd.


Additionally, Brady himself denied the rumor in the weirdest way possible with a tweet where a guy is doing motorcycle tricks in his underwear.

What is the real [BLEEP]?

JARED WHARF: On the other hand, Brady plays football and football is on Fox. Brady will be a broadcaster once he retires from Fox. And “The Masked Singer” is on Fox.

Quite a coincidence, isn’t it?

JARED WHARF: If he was indeed absent because he was filming “The Masked Singer”, Brady would not be the first Buc player to take the stage.

[MUSIC – RIGHT SAID FRED, “I’M TOO SEXY”] I’m too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt. So sexy–

It’s Rob Gronkowski as White Tiger in Season 3 of the show. Brady may have more rings than Gronk, but no way Brady is better than Gronk on this show. That said, I wouldn’t mind seeing him try.

As if the possibility of Tom Brady being on “The Masked Singer” wasn’t crazy enough, restaurant chain Hooters has signed 51 college football players to NIL deals.


Am I going to get through this without getting fired?

Good luck with that.

JARED WHARF: And you put “Bad Teacher” in there? Oh shit no. OK, so Hooters is going to have a bunch of offensive linemen showing up at its restaurants promoting food because big guys need love, too, and they know how to eat wings. And, no, I’m not shaming, okay? This story was a trap from the start, so I’m just finishing what he wrote on the teleprompter.

I’m happy for the linemen. I’m happy for Hooters. It’s a win-win. I’m actually upset that I can’t go back to college and gain weight while eating wonderful wings while watching women make money being strong, independent women.


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