The two ladies in the life of Mad Dog


My eighth wedding anniversary is June 21st. It’s a long story how Carole and I got together, but it’s a great story. I don’t have enough time to write everything in this article, but just know that she is my rock and she is a very special wife, mother and grandmother.

She is a hard working woman who is also a business woman. She and her first husband Mijo Kovac worked in the restaurant business for years. Everyone remembers and loved Mijo’s Diner. This restaurant was considered one of the best in Mid-Michigan. The pandemic closed Mijo’s Diner after over 20 years of running it with my stepson Tony Kovac.

Carole and I are now embarking on a new life and adventure as we move to Cedar Bluff, Alabama on Tuesday. It’s a big game changer. I can’t wait. But I can say that my wife is a very special woman and I am very lucky to call her my wife.

I could go on and on about my wife and how grateful I am that she came into my life.

But my other woman in my life is our dog Pot Cake who we got from the Humane Society through my friend Penny. Penny came to the radio station and said, “David, there’s a couple dogs we got from Nassau, Bahamas.” I said, “Come on seriously?!” She said yes and that they are called Pot Cake because the Caribbean feed them baked rice and beans that are burnt at the bottom of the pots.

Our dog Missy was stray in Nassau and was rescued. It was an act of God that she came into our lives. Missy is a hybrid dog who is so athletic, smart, and just a character. I am truly a very lucky and grateful soul with a wonderful wife and a wonderful dog.

Cedar Bluff here we come!

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