The hotel stay may be reimbursed, How to do it


Take a thorough look at your vacation plan. Have you seen anything unusual? That is correct; your hotel reservation may be completely non-refundable. Yes, even in the event of a pandemic.

Therefore, if you change your mind about going and want to get a refund for a non-refundable hotel reservation, you may be out of luck.

Occasionally, you have no choice. Consider the case of Jarred Schofield. He bought a nonrefundable hotel room in New York on Priceline last minute. He was forced to stay in another hotel.

“Priceline claims I never checked in and was a no-show,” explains Schofield, a Beacon, New York, photographer.

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Nonrefundable hotel rooms are becoming increasingly prevalent.

Nonrefundable (or “prepaid”) hotel rooms, according to anecdotal evidence, are becoming increasingly prevalent. Nobody keeps a comprehensive record of the number of non-refundable hotel rooms. The arrangement is straightforward: You pay for the hotel room(s) in advance and get a discount. Unlike airlines, you can cancel your reservation within 24 hours of booking.

If you find yourself stranded in these non-refundable hotel rooms, there are many ways to reclaim your money. Avoid these risky hotel bookings in the first place.

Schofield wished he had one. He might have avoided the hassle by requesting that his initial hotel “guide” him to a similar resort, a standard procedure in the hotel business. Rather than that, he phoned Priceline for assistance — and was denied. I inquired about Priceline’s case. It investigated its records and determined that he was not, in fact, a no-show. The internet agency promised him a complete refund.

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So you’re looking for a refund on a non-refundable room?

I inquired how often tourists had gotten refunds for non-refundable hotel rooms. As it turns out, several of them successfully reclaim their money under specific conditions.

When the hotel does not live up to its standards, I’ve seen several instances when hotels fell short of expectations. When it occurs, all bets are off. Take many photographs and make your case to the highest possible level – and, if required, to your credit card company. If the response continues to be “no,” you may still be able to save your stay. For instance, when Heidi Vanderlee realized she would have to share a toilet in a London hotel with another visitor, she contacted her online travel agency. Following much correspondence, the online agency resolved her reservation, enabling her to upgrade to quarters with a private toilet. “Could have been a far worse conclusion,” adds Vanderlee, a New York-based publicist.

When you’re unwell, Grant Sabatier learned this lately after becoming ill and canceling a prepaid hotel stay in Washington, D.C. A legitimate medical reason may entitle you to a complete refund, especially if the ticket is COVID-19. However, it took three phone calls to get the hotel to see things his way. “This has worked for me only when booking directly with a hotel,” Sabatier, creator of the financial advice website Millennial Money, says.

When your situation changes, hotels are conscious that your plans may vary. Chris Michaels recently requested reimbursement for two nonrefundable hotel nights in Chicago. “I explained to a front-desk staffer pleasantly that I was competing in a huge tournament in town and that my team had been eliminated. I also said that I was a rewards member of the chain and had previously stayed at that location, “Michaels, proprietor of Frugal Reality’s finance website, recalled. “The hotel offered to charge me a $50 cleaning fee to avoid charging me for the remainder of the night’s stay. I paid it and continued on my way home.”

However, when a family member dies, do not expect it to be simple. Alex Beene was once forced to cancel a nonrefundable reservation due to the death of a relative. He was sent to a “skeptical” manager by the hotel. “However, when I tried to give paperwork, he offered to continue and reimburse my stay and gave me sympathy,” adds Beene, a state employee. “The very fact that you have documented an explanation for canceling a nonrefundable stay demonstrates to the hotel your commitment to the claim.”

What if you are unable to prove your case?

Let’s face it, and most individuals do not have a good cause for requesting a refund on a nonrefundable stay. And why would you not? Hotels often resell their rooms, so it’s only fair that we get part of our money back, correct?

Regular hotel visitors like Anna DiTommaso, who operates a Dallas-based web design business, feel it’s worth a go.

“The hotel is legally entitled to retain the money,” she asserts. “However, I’ve discovered that if you have a valid cause for canceling the hotel, most businesses will automatically provide you a refund.”

I concur. “Prepaid” accommodations and nonrefundable prices are not conducive to client satisfaction. The discounts are insufficient, and the dangers are excessive. Frequently, visitors are unaware they are paying a nonrefundable charge until it’s too late. Like other travel providers, hotels conceal the conditions in their small print.

The bottom line is that no-refund hotel rooms should exist. However, they do. You may now be able to circumvent them.

Three strategies to prevent being locked inside a nonrefundable room

Travel insurance. If you are forced to cancel your hotel stay due to a covered cause, your insurance provider may pay you for the non-refundable hotel fee. Justin Tysdal, CEO of Seven Corners, suggests a “cancel for any reason” benefit. “It enables you to cancel your vacation at any time for any cause,” he explains. “That way, if anything unexpected happens, you may cancel your vacation and get at least 75% of the trip’s non-refundable cost.”

Change the reservation’s date. Occasionally, nonrefundable hotel rooms may be rescheduled. Andy Abramson, who owns a communications agency in Los Angeles, adds that after you change the date, you may request – and obtain – a refund from certain hotels. “This is a technique I’ve used countless times.”

Renounce the chamber. Yes, this is conceivable. “You may resell your nonrefundable hotel reservations and obtain a reimbursement,” explains Galena Stavreva, CEO of, which enables these room transfers. According to her, hotels allow name changes for the primary visitor listed on the reservation. and Expedia also allow for name changes. You may recoup part or all of your hotel room expenses.


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