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Classes? Who is she. We still remember summer – whether we’re in South America, the Bay Area or Cambridge, those sweaty days are always in the brain (instead of our p-set 0). Read on to see a sneak peek at what the Flyby writers have been up to this summer!

Overview abroad:

Matylda A. Urbaniak: After deciding that I couldn’t roast in the northeastern US oven over the summer, I did a little 180 – I traveled in the winter from Santiago, Chile, to work for an environmental protection organization. My main hobby here was complaining about the cold and wearing five layers to work because unlike Boston there is no indoor heating. Luckily it made me grateful enough to be back in the summer to not complain about the heat for a few hours!!

Tina Chen: All the protests finally came true – because this summer I lived this hot European girl life (on sweet Harvard penny). Having absolutely no knowledge of German, I lived in Germany for two months, drinking sparkling water, eating unlimited brötchen and just not knowing what was going on around me most of the time . Although I was part of a scholarship program doing a full-time internship, it ended up being mostly remote with a few occasional assignments here and there. So instead I packed up and spent most of my time on fast European trains and traveling to different cities (if my supervisor finds that somehow I kidding

Ellen S. Deng: Like every other Harvard student, I spent my summer across the pond in Europe, interning in Geneva, Switzerland, and raving about food and public transportation. While I wasn’t pushing my lactose intolerance to the limit with French and Swiss cheeses or discovering the beauty of desktop screens, I traveled solo through Western Europe, meeting the coolest people all in sleeping staying in hostels (or falling off a mountain). Dean Khurana would be proud to see how transformed I have been by my experience

Corinne E. Furey:

This summer, one of Flyby Blog’s newest members, Corinne E. Furey, took part in all the traditional “everyone sees I’m abroad” activities: moving from one country to another, taking as many photos as his camera roll without storage would allow, and flight borrow local pets (see photo below). After ‘graciously’ leaving Greece for a week, Corinne ventured to London to take a course of learning skills and having adventures. Back home in the lovely state of Delaware, Corinne tried to reconcile her absurd sleep debt before training for the upcoming volleyball pre-season (#RollCrim).

Overview at home:

Raymond Wu: Last summer, I returned home to New York and interned for JamRock Productions, a new theater production company. I was tasked with creating the company’s website and taking meeting minutes and a bunch of other typical intern duties, but the fun part was that I got to attend a bunch of theater performances (FREE! !!!). We’ve been to Broadway shows, Off-Broadway shows, and presentations and workshops for shows that are still in development. I’ve also been to Times Square more times this summer than I’ve ever been in my life before and got lost every time, but at least now I can sort of read the street signs.

Find yourself a writer who can do both:

Janani Sekar: I spent most of the summer suffering in the coarse, sticky Cambridge humidity while working on some cool research. But August was a bit spicier. I went home to the Bay Area and drank lots of great coffee in the best city in the world (San Francisco). And then I crossed the planet to India and then to Thailand, where I suffered from more humidity, I saw the Taj Mahal, ate very good mangoes and shopped in the open air markets for many things I wanted but didn’t need. Now I’m dealing with the consequences (limited storage space and horrible jet lag).

Anjali Z. Mehta: True to Harvard stereotypes, I worked at a consulting firm for most of the summer. I racked up airline points by traveling during the week and mastered the art of creating aesthetic bridges. I even currently have a Powerpoint withdrawal. Then my (literal) mother and I joined everyone and their (figurative) mother in Europe, as we traveled around Spain for a week. I then returned to campus to lead an FOP trip. I loved getting to know my FOPpers, and as a Directionally Challenged individual, I’m pretty proud that we only got two miles of road. I’m so excited to be back on campus, experiencing home life and attending parties that aren’t at Tasty Basty!

Alexandra A. Kassinis: ​​I spent this summer on a remote internship at Save the Children US, working and conducting research within their team on climate change! I lived in Boston for part of the summer and was able to explore new parts of the city, visit Cape Cod and take a quick trip to Washington DC I spent the second half of the summer at home, in Cyprus, soaking up the beautiful Mediterranean sun and spending lots of time at the beach!


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