The Fish Taco Place Cholita Linda opened in the Ferry Building


Traci Des Jardins’s quick and laid-back Mexican Ferry Building spot, Mijita, has been closed since before the pandemic, but a worthy replacement has arrived at artisan taco supplier Cholita Linda.

In the comings and goings of the restaurants in the Ferry Building food court, star chef Traci Des Jardins had already closed her Mexican restaurant Mijita a few months before the pandemic hit the city. This space has been empty since, but a few companies announced new locations for the Ferry Building At the start of 2021, the Ferry Building culinary scene could therefore make a comeback.

About a year ago, Oakland’s famous food stand became a restaurant Cholita Linda said they got a vacant place for the Ferry Building, and it turns out they have the old Mijita location. Cholita Linda offers a mix of Latin street foods that span multiple cultures, but fish tacos are a specialty.

Eater SF has confirmed with “a representative of the dining hall” that Cholita Linda has opened at the Ferry Building, “early November,” according to the site. The new location has a some reviews on Yelp dated November 6, some interior plans show it has the same colorful Mijita flair, and of course, a main attraction in the outdoor seating with stunning views over Embarcadero Bay.

A look at the menu shows tacos cost just under $ 5 each, giant Cuban sandwiches cost less than $ 15, and there are larger plates, like the Mexican beef stew called picadillo, as well as beer, sangria au wine and margaritas.

Cholita Linda started out as a stall at the Jack London Square Farmers Market, according to a brief history of Edible East Bay. They still serve this Sunday Farmer’s Market, as well as the Temescal and Old Oakland Farmers’ Markets, and have two other East Bay brick-and-mortar locations on Telegraph Avenue in Oakland and Park Street in Alameda.

And about the name Cholita Linda, owner Vanessa Chavez says that “my mother born in Peru was called Chola or Cholita, but it was not until I grew up and the name was given to me that I understood its meaning. She adds that “’Cholita’ is a girl of Aboriginal or mixed descent and ‘Linda’ means pretty or sweet. Used among friends, family and neighbors, it is a warm reference also commonly used to describe indigenous women selling their wares in markets.

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Image: Sam M. via Yelp


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