SunRunner will start working on October 21


A day at the beach started early for Josh Gorsuch and his family.

“We got there, like, 9:00 a.m., so we missed a lot of the craziness.” He said. This madness is traffic. Backed up cars on all paths to beaches. But Pinellas County transportation officials say help is on the way when the SunRunner hits the road…carrying people to the beach on 1st Avenue North and back on 1st Avenue South. PTSA CEO Brad Miller thinks the SunRunner will serve a lot of people for different reasons.

“It’s going to be for workers who work on the beach in restaurants and hotels,” Miller said, “We think a lot of them will ride it. We think people will take it, if they’re staying in a hotel on the beach, to downtown St. Pete to catch a Rays baseball game or an event in downtown St. Pete We think there are many ways to do this, going to the beach on holiday weekends or during spring break is sure to be a big reason to ride SunRunner Josh only lives a few blocks from a SunRunner stop so he definitely gets his attention .

“It will be much easier and less stressful. I’m very excited about it.”, he said, “A few bags. Keeping is simple and jumping in there without having to worry about that, definitely much easier. Her sister agrees.

“Spending more time on the beach and less time… packing the car,” Ashley Nicole Miller said, “Just going out there, being there, not worrying about any of that stuff. It’s gonna be awesome. ” What may be even more important is that the first six months writing the SunRunner will be free.

“Who doesn’t like free? laughs Josh. The SunRunner hits the road on October 21.


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