Rough ‘n Wild Nature steps from downtown Depoe Bay on Oregon’s Central Coast


Rough ‘n Wild Nature steps from downtown Depoe Bay on Oregon’s Central Coast

Posted 5/15/22 5:35 PM PST
By the staff of the Oregon Coast Beach Connection

(Depoe Bay, Oregon) – Perhaps the liveliest part of this central Oregon coastal town, there are still plenty of opportunities to hit the slow button and just relax, enjoying the relaxed rhythm of the waves. Depoe Bay’s waterfront and seawall is a unique combination of hectic foot and car traffic mixed with gentle ocean vibes. (All Oregon Coast Beach Connection photos)

In fact, even the sea is almost never smooth.

The main attraction is basically known as State Park, but more commonly referred to as the Seawall, and it is here that the spurting horn will amaze you with its enormous power and propensity to pound you. Under the right tidal conditions, the cracks in the rocks below the seawall will compress the water in a giant blast, throwing seawater high into the air. Every once in a while, you’ll spot the delightfully surreal sight of car horns blasting high enough to dunk cars on the freeway. Prepare to get soaked if you park near them and venture outside your car.

Here, the Whale Watching Center acts as the area’s centerpiece, a large lighthouse-like building that sports lovely viewing areas and comes with volunteers who help you spot the many cetaceans that reside here throughout the year. year. It’s open again from this month, after two long years of being closed during COVID. Watching the boats come out of the bay and whale watching are the big pastimes here.

The center was for many years an outlet for the Made in Oregon franchise stores, then for a short while the Oregon Coast Aquarium Store, which came with binoculars so you could watch the happenings of the bay. He sold a variety of maritime and beach items, all of which helped fund the Newport Aquarium.

Outside of the whale watching center, the stone walls here create more fantastic places to watch great beasts or large ships, or maybe just a good Oregon coastal storm.

There is another viewing area just below the bridge on the sea side of the highway. From there, the walkway walks under the bridge to the bay and the land side of the 101. It’s a better option for crossing the street since the 101 is usually a madhouse of car traffic, but it’s is also a pleasant walk that can give its own surprises.

This area is illuminated at night and can then really come to life in its own way.

At the bay, you will find yourself in the midst of the bustle of the various attractions as well as the businesses and boats that live there. Seals and gulls often make their home in the bay, and if you’re lucky you might spot a wild seal doing tricks for leftover food provided by one of the fish processing companies just in below the viewing platforms.

The bay here is known as the smallest navigable port in the world, although there is technically no official designation for this.

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