Ranked: The 5 Best Water Parks


Welcome to another “filed” article here on Laughing Place. For this edition, we’ll be moving away from theme parks and diving into water parks (pun intended). Unfortunately, I haven’t visited as many water parks as theme parks, so we’ll make a top 5 list. So without further ado, let’s get straight to the list!

5. Sesame Square San Diego

We’ll start this list with the most recent water park I visited, one that surprised me quite a bit. Sesame Place San Diego is a reskin of the old Aquatica water park, and it’s now a mix of theme park and water park. Even though the target demographic is obviously very young children, there are still a surprising amount of bigger and more exciting slides from Aquatica’s days. My favorite was Cookie’s Monster Mixer, a tornado slide that offered excellent speed and airtime. Also, the wave pool at this park was one of the best I’ve seen outside of Disney and Universal.

Discover my complete photo and video report of the grand opening of Sesame Place San Diego.

4. Blizzard Beach

blizzard beach is a park that I really want to have higher on this list. If we were talking exclusively about theming, this would absolutely top the list because the theming here is amazing. The snowy beach vibe is very unique and I love being able to hear summer songs alongside Christmas songs. Teamboat Springs is my favorite slide at the park, being one of the best family raft slides. What slows Blizzard Beach down a bit for me is the lack of new additions. In fact, the park hasn’t received a major new slide since it opened in 1995. If Disney decides to invest and add even one thing, it could easily bump Blizzard Beach up my rankings.

3. Aquatica Orlando

Another newer water park for me is the original Aquatica in Orlando. I only went once and didn’t get to see much of the slides, but from what I saw I was quite impressed. Although not as themed as some of the other parks on this list, the landscaping is immaculate. Aquatica might also have the best range of slides, with a wide variety of family-style slides. I enjoyed their fast paced lazy river, Roa’s Rapids, as well as the uniqueness of floating through an aquarium in their regular lazy river, Loggerhead Lane. I definitely have to go back to Aquatica to try other slides!

2. Typhoon Lagoon

Typhoon Lagoon is Disney’s best water park. While the theme isn’t as fun and inventive as Blizzard Beach, it’s just as immersive. You really feel like you’ve been transported to a tropical paradise. The park’s opening year elements are still impressive to this day, with some older slides that are really quite immersive. Typhoon Lagoon’s wave pool is one of the best man-made wave pools in the world, generating waves of up to 6 feet! Unlike Blizzard Beach, two new slides have been added to the park since it opened, the thrilling Crush ‘n Gusher and the very well-themed Miss Adventure Falls.

1. Volcano Bay

There is no doubt in my mind about this placement. Volcano Bay is amazing! While the theme may be slightly less immersive than at the Disney water parks, the overall atmosphere and collection of rides at Volcano Bay can’t be beat. From the moment I walk in the park, I immediately feel relaxed. From the music to the amazing atmosphere and gigantic volcano, it really can’t be beat! My two highlights are the amazing Krakatau Aqua Coaster and the fast TeAwa The Fearless River. Add a full collection of support slides, and you have a world-class water park that I never tire of visiting!

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