New Jersey’s best disco fries among the best in the US


First, we need to figure out what name you use for fries with lots of toppings. Maybe it’s sauce, maybe it’s chili, maybe it’s cheese? Whatever it is, what do you call it?

Maybe you call it ‘loaded fries’, but chances are here in Jersey you call them ‘disco fries’. Almost every restaurant in New Jersey has its own version of “disco fries”. Our version of the potato dish is very similar to our friends from the north. Canadians have “poutine”. Poutine is disco fries from the north lol. @withlovefromchile @withlovefromchile

When I was in Canada I had “poutine” in Montreal and it was good, but not worth our “disco fries” here in Jersey. According to Google, they are called thatbecause they were the favorite late-night meal of the polyester-clad disco crowdat its height in the mid-1970s to early 1980s.” Brooke Lark Brooke Lark released their list of the best disco fries in the whole country and these are some of the best “loaded fries” in America. Their choice for us here in New Jersey comes from Hudson County. According to Lovefood, Jersey’s best disco fries are at Left Bank Burger in Jersey City.

“Canada gave us poutine, and New Jersey has its own combination of fries, cheese and gravy: disco fries. These are cheesy fries, usually with melted mozzarella and topped with gravy. They are particularly popular at the end of a meal, an evening snack or a cure for a hangover.”

So, have you been to Left Bank Burger Bar? if so, are their disco fries that good? do you have a local pick here on the Jersey Shore for the best disco fries? If so, let us know your pick for the best local disco fries below.

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