Massive brawl breaks out on upcoming Carnival New York cruise


In another case of a return to normal, officials said a huge fight broke out on a cruise ship due to dock in New York on Tuesday. The cruise industry has been hit pretty hard during the time of high COVID levels, and health experts have advised the public to perhaps reconsider their next trip. But now people are back, and it seems like they’re acting like they normally would again.

Huge fight

The New York Post says the fight started between two people on a nightclub dance floor early Tuesday morning. But it didn’t just end with two people starting it. WNBC estimates up to 40-60 people were involved, prompting a Coast Guard escort after Carnival Magic security was unable to contain the battle royale. The Coast Guard informed the NYPD, who were waiting when the ship docked at Pier 88.

It’s unclear exactly what started the whole fight, though. PIX 11 says the melee only got worse when others got involved.

A man steals a yacht in New York and sails to another state

So why would you want to steal a nearly 50ft yacht when you’re already a wanted fugitive? Police say a 56-year-old man stole the $1.2 million yacht from Rouses Point Marina and set sail for the high seas. According to the New York Posthe even sailed the stolen vessel on Lake Champlain from New York to Vermont, attracting the attention of the US Border Patrol. But this suspect claims he had his reasons.

Do you remember this story from June 2021? Well it seems this guy just wanted “road test” the Jeanneau Prestige 500, and do some “mechanical fixes”. WCAX reports that’s what the suspect told authorities in a court hearing after he was arrested off the coast of St. Albans, Vermont. How nice of him to check the boat. WCAX goes on to say that the man has a rap sheet spreading across New England and was already a wanted fugitive in the state of New Hampshire.

WCAX reports that this aspiring captain of the ship spoke up during this hearing with officials and even went so far as to make an inappropriate gesture on camera for good measure as he left.

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