Are you sick of having to borrow more than you really need?

An alternative solution for you to have the money you need when you want, is the credit policy , a loan granted by the Entities and whose money we can access when necessary.

If we have to answer the typical question of what is a credit policy? , we will do it by saying that, a credit policy is a loan of money that we can use when we want and not just hire it, as happens with loans.

Credit policies are one of the most useful financial products for the self-employed and SMEs, (Small and Medium-sized Companies), since, with them, they can face specific capital obligations. In fact, in an article published by Bank on 11/14/2018, the credit policy is mentioned as one of the most useful guarantees for the self-employed.

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  1. First of all, it should be noted that, while in the loan, the money we request is deposited directly to our account; the credit policy works as a line of financing between the Bank and the client, in which we will have available the necessary money for when we want to use it.
  2. Second, the interest paid on the loan is the same regardless of the money we use; while, in the credit policy , we will only pay the interest on the money we use.


In the event that we decide to contract a credit policy , we must face a series of commissions, in addition to the hiring expenses that this entails:


  • The Opening Commissions , which usually do not exceed 2%.
  • The Availability Commissions . These commissions refer to the percentage of money that we have not used and that we will have to pay when we pay the interest on the credit policy .
  • Commissions for balance exceeded . These fees are applied when we exceed the credit limit we have contracted.
  • The Annual Review Commissions . These fees are applied to the renewal of the credit policy.


So, what is more useful, hiring a credit policy or a personal loan?