I’m in a defaulter file and I had no idea how to see my loan history?

First of all, it is necessary to know what a loan history is . Well, we understand as loan history , a document in which our financial records are collected, both payments and unpaid.

See my loan history is simpler than it may seem, in Spain there are several companies that are dedicated to it.

There are several loan bureaus that manage the loan information of both individuals, who are responsible for ASNEF or EXPERIAN, as well as the legal ones, which RAI handles .

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On the other hand, the Banking Entities have the CIR or CIRBE , Central of Risk Information. As described in the Bank of Spain:

“The CIR , is a public service that manages a database that includes, practically, all loans, loans, guarantees, and risks in general that financial institutions have with their customers.”

Look at the loan history , not only serves us, but the banks and financial institutions in case you are going to request a loan or any other financial product with them.

Why are Banks interested in seeing my loan history ? Well, for the simple reason that this reflects all our financial activity, that is, they can see both the debts that we have pending, or if, on the contrary, we do not have outstanding payments and we are clean. This will help them know if you are solvent and if you can return the money they lend you.


Atrapacrito , the online comparator of financial products, recommends that, before going crazy hiring online loans and urgent loans , you stop to think, because this can cause you an over- indebtedness by not being able to take care of the payment of all the loans requested, something that it would not bring any benefit to your loan history.

Therefore, answering the question: How to see my loan history? , you can do it for free through ASNEF, EXPERIAN or EQUIFAX . There is simply one drawback, and that is that you will only be able to see your loan history for free once a year in each of these consumer loan reporting agencies.

Having a good loan history is beneficial for me and for financial institutions that want to see my loan history and learn about my financial movements and active life in this sector.

So, the fewer negative points you have, the better.