Golden Gate Express | Bay Area residents explore science in local parks


On April 30, the “Healing our Land and Community: SF youth take Climate Action” event was held on April 30 at three Bay Area parks.

Held at Glen Park, Lafayette Park, Gilman and Louis Sutter, the STEM Service Day is part of a city-wide Youth Service Day held during the 11th annual Las Vegas Region Science Festival. bay.

The San Francisco Department of the Environment Education Team organized the park events in conjunction with the SF Department of Recreation and Parks.

“We are here today simply to give back to the community, especially in our public parks, and kind of beautifying our parks as well as maintaining them for everyone in the community to enjoy,” said Mishael Marcelo, a volunteer for the festival.

Outdoor activities were used to explore the role of science, engineering and technology in our everyday environment.

“It’s nice for my son to come and play with his friends while learning something about the environment — the organization has so much to offer,” said Robert Green, a Bay Area resident.

Activities held at the event were projects that promote local climate action goals while supporting healthy emotional well-being among young people.

“Our main task is to get young people to understand how to organize their weight – that’s why we have our little mini bins here today,” said environmental education associate Rachael Jadot.

The youth enjoyed the STEM-focused projects such as habitat restoration and park beautification.

“If you love nature, if you care about something in your garden or just a park, you are a citizen scientist,” said Esther Tang, an environmental scientist.

There were hands-on family nature activities including a scavenger hunt to find native plants and animals while learning about the importance of these things to the environment.

The Bay Area Science Festival features events around the Bay Area, including Oracle Park and Cal State East Bay, where Discovery Days mark the start and end of the festival, respectively.

“So we go to all the SF schools [Unified School District]we go to private schools, as well as public schools – we target all schools,” said Jenifer Lomeli, an environmental education aide.

Saturday marked the final day of the week-long event which was designed to raise awareness of science in everyday life and to inspire young people to seek careers in STEM industries.


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