DJ Sean Parks to ‘pose’ in Hydrate debut this Friday


DJ Sean Parks debuts at Night club hydrate in the district of Lakeview in Chicago: he turns this Friday evening, November 12 for Fridays of the Social House, with his set of 5 hours from 11 p.m.

“I am delighted that house music is making a comeback in Halsted Street. I thought it was only a matter of time before I played Hydrate, ”Parks said. “It means a lot (for DJs at Hydrate) because they have one of the best dance floors on Halsted. The style I play in is designed for dance, so it’s a wonderful opportunity to rock the neighborhood.

So what can attendees expect from popular parks?

Simple, he’s going to “put it in there,” Parks said.

The Chicago-based DJ will tour later this month in Orlando, Florida, and he’s finalizing his first DJ trip to the West Coast, including stops in San Diego and San Francisco.

Strictly Sporty… With DJ Sean Parks

Favorite professional sport: Basketball – “Sport always has my attention and will always have my heart. I like the game. I like the diversity of the players.

Preferred professional athlete: Giannis Antetokounmpo … “Aaron Rodgers was, until last week.”

Chicago’s Favorite Pro Team: “I have always respected the Bulls since I grew up loving Michael Jordan.”

Sports you practice: Basketball, flag football, tennis, golf, kickball and badminton.

Favorite sports memory: “When I was about 10 years old, I was on a soccer team and it was my first time playing on a team. I killed him; I scored a goal in every game and I was the best player on the team. It was just easy and I felt good. I also played varsity tennis in my sophomore year in high school so it was a dope feeling. As a fan in Dallas, Texas a few years ago, at AT&T Stadium, for the Green Bay version game of Dallas, in the last game of the game, Rodgers in the end zone, I was almost sitting, for the winning match (touchdown). I had my cheesy head on… I don’t think I ever screamed so loud.

On the Chicago Metropolitan Sports Association (CMSA): “I love it, I’ve been on several teams.”

Favorite song you love to hear at sporting events: “The song ‘Hey’, which I used to play on the alto saxophone in the dynamic band. I love this song because you can sing and play.


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