Bail – bond

Undertaking by a natural or legal person, called a surety, to guarantee the proper performance of an obligation (eg a contract, repayment of a loan) subscribed by a third party debtor of the obligation. This guarantee applies to all of the guarantor’s assets, it is then described as “personal”, or on one or more properties

James Bond bail disproportionate

  James Bond bail disproportionate: the disproportion is assessed in relation to the overall indebtedness of the bond The Rennes Court of Appeal refused to admit the existence of a disproportionate security by comparing the amount of the guarantor’s assets to the amount of the security alone, to which had been added the debts resulting

Validity – Bond Locative

Which is the validity period of the local bond insurance? The coverage of insurance begins and ends at 24 o’clock in the given date in the policy. Even after its maturity, the foreseeable risks will remain covered until the tenant completes its obligations, except for cases of cancellation or loss of the right to cover. The owner of the property

The bail of road transport companies

Are you confronted with a transport company that does not pay your invoices? Did you know that transport companies are required to provide a guarantee with a financial institution to meet their financial obligations? Since 2009, transport companies have been subject to four obligations imposed by Europe upon their establishment: The company must be effectively