Canadians really want Zellers to bring their restaurants back too


You may have heard that the nostalgic Canadian department store chain Zellers is about to make a comeback, and it’s making people want to bring their restaurants back too.

The brand closed its last store in Canada right here in Toronto in 2020, but it didn’t take long to tease Zellers fans with pop-up activations the following year.

The stores’ return is meant to be a mix of e-commerce and physical stores that “will leverage Hudson’s Bay’s nationwide network of prime locations.”

The return of Zellers restaurants would certainly be welcomed by many who were once children and are now adults sharing their memories of the place.

The food there was mostly just dinner, but people are going online to share their memories of some of their favorite items.

Many people particularly liked the fries and the hot dogs.

Another person remembered taking the hot dog tray and the milkshake.

Others loved the sauce, even sucking it through a straw.

People remember that the potato salad there was particularly overloaded with mayonnaise, but in a loving way.

One of the most popular items at Zellers back when they had a restaurant was definitely the hot chicken sandwich, which people can’t wait to come back to.

Besides the food itself, many people have treasured memories they made at Zellers restaurants with older family members.

However, some think people wear rose-colored glasses when it comes to the actual quality of food.

Either way, some say that while the return of the old Zellers as a department store would be great, it’s possible you could just reopen the restaurants and people would still be happy.

Only one question really remains: are you more pumped for the opening of the Zellers department store or the restaurants?


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