Reunification of a loan. What is it?

The reunification of loans is an operation that allows the loanor to group or unify their credits in a single loan. It is a financial product that is used when there is a high level of short-term loan as a consequence of having contracted different fast or traditional loans . When the beneficiary does not

What is a “Revolving” Loan?

Do you need fast money? Can not find loanors for your financing? Learn all about revolving loan, revolving loan cards and revolving documentary loans . Do not let money escape quickly and without requirements .   REVOLVING loan AND REVOLVING loan LETTER Revolving loan is a type of loan that does not have fixed installments

What is the loan history?

The loan history is the real cover letter that can show a candidate to receive any of the quick loans that are currently offered. In the following lines, we will explain what this collection of information consists of and what benefits it brings to savers and entrepreneurs who opt for online loans . Other information

Responsible borrwing of loans

A loan must only be taken out if it fits within the budget of a household. Knowledge of finance is used to establish responsible loan amounts. Borrowing and well-being By borrowing money, people can increase their well-being. Households can consume more than is possible on the basis of their current income. On the other hand,

How to negotiate the return of a fast loan

If we are involved in a process of negotiating the return of a quick loan, it is convenient to know how it works. Fast loans, such as online loan, come to solve the need for financial aid that the consumer requires for current expenses such as home renovations, the purchase of a car, higher education

How to see my loan history

I’m in a defaulter file and I had no idea how to see my loan history? First of all, it is necessary to know what a loan history is . Well, we understand as loan history , a document in which our financial records are collected, both payments and unpaid. See my loan history is

Open loan with mortgage guarantee.

  Many of you surely would not know how to respond with total clarity to the question: What is an open credit with mortgage guarantee ? Well, the lack of financing of individuals as a result of the growing crisis, has caused the entities to use the real estate of their clients as a mortgage